As your loan officer, I work for you!  Although my wife would probably not appreciate you calling me at 2am, I am available 24/7.  You are either buying a house or refinancing your current house, and both are a very big deal!  Please never feel like you are "bugging" me.  You aren't.  I want to make sure you all your questions are answered.  If we went over something 10 times and you still don't understand it, let's go over it another 10 times if we need to.  I'm being serious.  

My cell phone is 303-495-9722.  Call/text me anytime.  My email is I will see text messages a lot quicker than emails or hearing voicemails.

Or to expedite the process, I'm going to give you two options to apply:

1.  You can fill out a questionnaire that will give you a detailed list of the documents we need (we don't really ask for blood samples and first born child but it feels that way).  To choose this option, click HERE and create an account.

2.  If you are more tech savvy and are okay with authorizing the secure release of your financial data (think "Missile" Mortgage), click here.  This uses technology similar to Intuit to access your bank accounts. This prevents the headaches that come with providing your bank statements and explaining where every single dollar came from.  If you would like to choose this option, click HERE.